5 Must-Have Sustainable Items For School

  • Sep 17, 2020

These high-quality, custom-printed and environmentally friendly gifts can hopefully help make this time a little brighter and easier. 


School may look a little different this year, but students, teachers, parents, faculty members and educational brands still need and utilize gear branded wooden speakereach day. While there are so many options out there, the best school supplies are of high quality, are customized with logos/colors and are made from eco-friendly materials.


Yes, the five items down below are must-haves, when it comes to school. They can be given to everyone by districts or associations. They can serve as gifts of appreciation. They can be handed out by companies in the industry. And they can help make this time a little brighter and easier. 


First of all, everyone needs a go-to backpack to carry, transport and store books, paper, pens, laptops and personal belongings. There are options that are made from recycled materials, making them stylish and good for Mother Earth.


A wooden speaker is a fun and handy item: It can play music during study sessions, amplify calls during staff meetings, play informational videos in classrooms and serve as the top way teachers and students hear one another, since many are learning from home right now. recycled notebook and pen set


Another recycled product that those in school will appreciate is journals. Even in this digital age, there are always notes to take, reminders to jot down and lists to make. 


Hydration is vital, and a good way to promote it (especially during a pandemic and a busy school year) is by supplying everyone with a reusable water bottle


And finally, everyone now, more than ever, considers hand sanitizer to be a useful and thoughtful thing to receive. Schools are and should be stocked up, but teachers and students can’t have enough and always need more!


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