5 Eco-Friendly Housewarming & Closing Gifts for Realtors

  • Apr 9, 2021

With the housing marketing booming, there's no time like the present to be a relator. With houses selling and closing deal after deal, what better way to welcome your clients into their new homes than with the ultimate housewarming or closing gift!

Here are 5 new eco-friendly home and kitchen products that your clients are sure to love and use daily living in the new house you helped them find, which will them make them think of you every time they see/use the item and ultimately leading to conversations and referrals to friends and neighbors about your realty services -- an effortless way to grow your business organically (both figuratively and literally) while keeping your current clients happy too! 


1) Live Plants or Garden Kits

Live plants are one of the easiest ways to spice up a home! Besides just being aesthetic pleasing, plants can reduce stress, add color and natural fresh scents, and quite literally liven the place up! There are so many different plants and seed options that you can choose depending on your clientele.

Do you help downtown single condo dwellers? If so, they'll probably want a more low maintenance indoor plant, like a succulent -- adds greenery to the space, but doesn't require much sunlight or effort to keep alive! 

And if your clients are families with children living in the suburbs, they might prefer a more family-centered planting activity -- like gardening. In that case, I'd suggest an herb garden kit--  an easy way for parents and children to put their green thumbs to the test, all while bonding and having fun learning together! 


2) Bamboo Coasters 

With a new house comes housewarming parties, which means having friends and family over to see your new home and leading to lots of drinks being served while a good time is being had! With drinks flowing, you don't want any of your furniture ruined nor do you want to kill the vibe, so your client can bring out some super sleek marble and bamboo coasters.

Not only do the coasters save your tables from water damage, but they also add flare to your space -- like and interactive art piece, if you will

And if you want to go an extra step, you can even gift your client a drink set as well!

3) Bamboo Cooking Tool Set

When drinks are flowing, food is sure to follow! If your client just bought a home with a big backyard and grill, what better housewarming gift than a new set of BBQ tools to encourage you to get cooking! This tool set has everything you need for the perfect Saturday backyard party with friends, family and new neighbors.

And for those who purchase smaller homes or condos, you can gift these client with induvial cutlery sets or kitchen essential kits as well


4) Bamboo Serving Board with Knives

Now that you have your drinks handy and food on the grill, all that's missing is the serving tray to enjoy the meal and good company with. A cheese board or serving tray is another great gift for clients both moving into townhouses/condos as well as larger homes. You can never have enough food at a party, especially at a housewarming or house closing event! 

Having these little bamboo touches around the house adds that restaurant happy hours vibe from the comfort of your new home and will make your clients home the talk of the town, and word of who their realtor is sure to spread fast! 


5) Recycled Sherpa Blanket

Whether it's Summer or Winter, you can never have enough blankets in your house to grab when you want to curl up an read a book, watch a move with the family, or just nap on the couch. A recycled Sherpa blanket will be a hit with clients of any demographic and can be used year round, making them not only a cozy gift but a functional gift that'll get lots of use around your clients' new house! Get your brand noticed while reminding your client of the comfort and care you provided when finding their place-- a sure sign for clients to refer you to their friends and family when they need a realtor! 


Any of these gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients and I have no doubts they would recommend you to other friends and family when they need a realtor. These gifts show that not only are you dedicated to finding your client the perfect home, but more importantly that you want them to feel perfectly at home wherever they end up -- that's really what makes a realtor stand out amongst the competition!