5 Eco-Friendly Back to School Products For Students & Teachers

  • Apr 16, 2021

With more and more Americans getting their Covid-19 vaccinations, it looks like students and teachers can start preparing to head back to campus for the upcoming school year. this means that students can get back to learning in the classrooms, experiencing dorm life, and so much more university and college experience much better had in person. And students still learning from home can use these items to show their school spirit from the comfort of their homes.

Here are some new eco-friendly and recycled school products that all students and teachers will enjoy using to make this school year the best one yet!

1. Bamboo & Wheat Wireless Charging Pads

Bamboo and wheat fiber are among some of the hottest new recycled materials used to created more sustainable products, a great way to be eco-friendly and tech savvy. Power banks and wireless chargers are great to have in the classroom to keep your laptop and phone charged to take notes or while at the library when it comes to a long review session for an upcoming exam!

Students will be sure to have their phones and other tech accessories fully charged for a long day of learning on campus as well a from the comfort of the homes or dorm rooms.

2. Wireless Earbuds & Noise Cancelling Headphones

Back to university means making a fire playlist to listen to as you walk across campus to get from class to class. Or if you're still studying and learning from a full house of other people working remotely, there's nothing better than a noise cancelling headphones to give you the sense you're in a private library. There are lots of different colors and styles of Bluetooth earbuds, making them perfect for both student and teachers feel included on campus.

3. Water Bottles

Between all the running to class and sleepless nights cramming for exams it's so important to stay hydrated. Students and teachers of all ages should always have a water bottle with them throughout the day (in the classroom, in the dorm, at the gym -- to encourage more water intake. Drinking more water leads to better sleep, improves overall health, and increases mental sharpness -- all important qualities necessary for learning and staying on top of your work and maintaining good grades in school. 

4. Reusable Cutlery & Food Storage

Equally as important as staying hydrated is maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Be sure to pack snacks in reusable silicone bags, a sandwich or salad in a bamboo/wheat bento boxes and take them to class with you and eat in between to keep your body and brain fueled so you can stay focus and be successful in your classes!

And for those students who don't cook and eat on campus every day, be sure to keep you reusable cutlery sets in your dorm or backpack so you're always ready to chow down without having to use single-use plastic cutlery

5. Recycled Computer Backpack

Now that students and teachers have all the above tech items, they will need somewhere safe to store and carry everything around campus all day. And what better way to carry all your school items around than with a stylish recycled backpack. With a variety of styles from sling backpacks, drawstring bags, and cotton tote bags, there is for sure to be the perfect bag or every student and their different personalities.

With all these new eco-friendly products in teachers’ and students’ arsenal of learning equipment, they are ready to tackle the new school year in style and while being environmentally conscious. Return to campus with the latest sustainable trends and spread the word on the importance of recycling and zero-waste on campus!