4 Steps To A More Efficient Workplace

  • Apr 25, 2023

Businesses face numerous challenges, but there are tactics that can lead to smarter, more sustainable places of work.


The pandemic. A workforce shortage. Issues with supply chain. Inflation. Many business leaders are struggling right now, but there is a strategic way to move forward with your brand, as stated by Curtis Schroeder – Varicent’s Senior Director of Product Marketing – in Forbes


Work Smarter. Not Harder. 


The four tips below can help any company, any organization, work in a more sustainable, efficient way.


Technology Tools: First up is tech. In today’s day and age, the opportunities are limitless with how you can launch a product, reach a target audience, spread awareness, make a change…all with technological innovations.


This may be something as small as setting up a Slack for employee communication or as big as jumping on the artificial intelligence trend. Just spend some time reviewing your workplace and looking at where things can be improved.


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Engaged Customers: Think about customer service tactics that have stood out to you. That may include quick and friendly support chats, handwritten cards during the holiday season, or service always coming with a smile.


How your team interacts with consumers speaks volumes. Take time to review this process – from when someone first interacts with your brand to months after they’ve made a purchase – ensuring that they are being taken care of in an exceptional way. 


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Time Management: Time management plays a big factor, when it comes to succeeding in business. It can seem like the to-do list is neverending.


Workers need to prioritize, making sure they stay on top of deadlines. Delegation needs to happen, pulling in others who can help take off a load. Additionally, one must effectively keep track of tasks, no matter how big or small, so that nothing falls through the cracks. On top of all of this, breaks and vacations should certainly be taken! After all, a burnt-out employee is not the best employee. 


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Employee Appreciation: Speaking of resting every now and then…A successful brand is one that takes care of its people. From saying hi in the morning and remembering birthdays to providing onboarding kits and matching new hires up with mentors, it is vital to make employees feel special and supported. 


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Times are tough, but take a step back, review how your business is running, and make changes that can make a huge difference (like the ones above:). And for more custom-printed sustainable gifts and gear, feel free to keep browsing Eco Marketing Solutions!


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