3 Trends in The Green Movement This Year

  • Dec 10, 2012

Recent Trends In “Going Green”

Austin, Texas: As 2012 winds down, I wanted to comment on recent trends that I have noticed in green marketing in general.

Here are three trends that seem to stand out most clearly over the past few months:

1) Promoting Better Quality : Customers have been putting more emphasis on reducing waste and improving the quality of their green products.

In the past, green products did not always correlate with with high quality.

These days, the quality and workmanship in eco-friendly products have become second to none as buyers have been demanding it.

I see this trend continuing as greater economies of scale are now available for green product producers.

2) Increased Participation in Green Alternatives: I have seen an increase in customers from a wider spectrum of industries than ever before as the green movement has regained its strength and momentum this year.

Leading companies in nearly every industry have taken the initiative to become better stewards of the earth and have been sourcing eco-friendly alternatives to many of their existing purchases.

It is very encouraging that more companies are calling us to ask about greener promotional products for their corporate gifts–both for internal and for external use.

We have seen it in our 23% increase in green promotional products this year – and many of my friends in recycled and renewable products have also seen double-digit sales gains as well.

3) Walking the Walk: As the focus has been on the new FTC Green Guides and more emphasis in truth in advertising, I have noticed a substantial increase in the number of my clients that have gone back to the basics to better understand with the basics of Green Marketing 101.

Many of them have done a careful review of their green claims – as well as placed a renewed emphasis of making sure they are practicing green behaviors in all aspects of their business–including manufacturing, human resources, procurement, etc.

If your company is claiming to be eco-friendly, I encourage you to do a self-analysis to make sure that you are taking noticeable steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

I am confident that these green trends will continue in the near future.

How are you planning to become more green in 2013?