3 Tips on Improving Your Social Media Presence

  • Jun 6, 2013

Going Green – In a Social Media World

Austin, TX: In this age of social media, I am still surprised at the large number of green companies that are still not utilizing this form of media correctly –if at all.

How can you be eco-friendly when you are still papering doorsteps and mailboxes with unsolicited junk mail, which invariably ends up in landfills?

Your reputation and brand is based on your actions–much more than your word. Talk is cheap.

Social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others are an easy way to promote your business – while reducing your reliance on wasteful print media.

I am a big proponent of mixed media marketing and cross-marketing — using print ads to highlight your Facebook page or using an imprinted reusable promotional tote bag to promote your website, for example.

But the key to your social media success will be bringing an increased number of viewers to your site…on a regular basis

Here are some quick tips to improve your social media reach:

1) Consistency: It is imperative is to be consistent with your approach.

Plan to spend 20-30 minutes a day on a blog or on Facebook- with timely updates and quick replies.

Too much...and you are probably never going to keep up that pace.

Too infrequently and you get lost in the crowd.

20 minutes or so per day is optimum.

That’s what I use and it seems to be working fine.

2) Be Useful: Share pertinent and relevant news and articles on your industry or community.

Not what’s new about your company– but something that will benefit the reader to learn about in general.

New industry regulations.

Information about trends.

Calendar of events for your market.

Charts and infographics.

Article links about self-improvement.

3) Don’t Indulge in Self-Promotion: The rule is 90-10….or for every 9 posts about something benefiting your readers, you can slip in one self-promoting post, Tweet, blog post, etc.

I try to go 99-1 – as the key is to be looked upon as a helpful resource–not a carnival barker.

Think about the number of e-blasts that yo receive that you immediately delete o report to SPAM.

Are you promoting SPAM or are you being helpful?

Start planning your social media calendar and get promoting.

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