3 Reasons To Promote Brands With Wheat Straw Products

  • Mar 9, 2023

This material – a go-to replacement for plastic – makes for environmentally friendly marketing.


One of the most popular plastic alternatives is wheat straw, which is essentially what’s left of the stalk after harvesting wheat grains. Most often, it is used in everyday kitchen items like reusable water bottles, coffee thermoses, food storage containers, and silverware. 


wheat grass lunch boxDown below, we’ve listed out the main benefits of this renewable material, along with some of the top promotional wheat grass products – perfect for spreading brand awareness in a sustainable way.


One reason people prefer wheat grass rather than, say, paper is because of its durability. It’s tough and sturdy, making it a great replacement for plastic items that are turned to regularly and while on the go.


Unlike some plastics, this eco-friendly material is also BPA-free, meaning it is not made with Bisphenol A – a compound that may be linked to health issues ranging from changes in behavior to high blood pressure.


And, of course, this is a go-to option since it’s a zero-waste option. Plastic utensils, paper plates, and styrofoam cups are thrown away after one use, while wheat straw products can be utilized over and over again.


For instance, the Bamboo Fiber Cutlery Set includes a spoon, fork, and knife that come inside a case. It can then be tossed into a lunchbox, purse, desk drawer, or backpack, making on-the-go meals a breeze.


Speaking of lunches…the Wheat Straw Lunch Box Set comes with a lunch box, a spoon, and a fork, meaning that every time a recipient gets itreusable silverware set out to eat, your logo can be shown off, due to the imprint options that are available. 


A final promo wheat grass suggestion is the Wheat Straw Keychain Set. It comes in three parts that fit together in seconds, also includes a cleaning brush, and has a screw-top cap with a carabiner.


No matter what logo wheat grass gifts you go with, you will be marketing your business/organization in a fresh, useful, fun, and environmentally friendly way.


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