3 Eco-Friendly Employee Engagement Activities for Spring

  • Mar 9, 2021

Spring has finally sprung! That means it's time to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, soak up the golden sun, and start growing a garden. After being cooped up in the house for an entire year (can you believe it!) we're itching to get outside every chance we get, and now that we're working remotely from home it's even more enticing to just grab your laptop and head to the park on on right and sunny day to get all the same work done remotely - WiFi HotSpots for the win!


Working outdoors can positively effect one's physical and mental health and this boost will in turn be reflected in their work efforts and office engagement. Here are 3 fun outdoor engagement activities your employees can enjoy together (socially distanced or virtually) to boost metal health and productivity while working from home this Spring:


1. Sip & Seed

A fun play on the ritual of meeting a new baby, but here we're introducing another new life into the world -- a plant!

Send your employee their very own seed packets along with a fun water bottle, or better yet, a cocktail kit (for those 21+), and get drinking and planting -- a surefire way to get to know you corporate family on a deeper level and build more meaningful relationships, while also giving back to the planet. 


2. Garden Party

Send your employees a cute garden kit at home and have them plant these at home. This will ensure all employees start out with the same flower, but may have varying results. As your employees' gardens grow, they'll be able to go around in the next virtual team meeting and share what has worked or not for their gardens -- this is a great teambuilding activity because it forces employees to share their ideas and brainstorm to figure out how to achieve the best results for everyone's garden, while also providing a beautiful end-result (flowers!)


3. Picnic in the Park

And for those who don't have a green thumb or simply just want to relax outside after a long day at work, then you can always host a picnic (virtual or not) instead of gardening. Send you employees their own snack packs and recycled bento boxes made from wheat fibers and host your next virtual meeting in a picnic-like setting. This is a yummy way to reward you employees after a long day working from home!