20 Eco-Friendly Products For Staycations

  • Apr 16, 2020

Even though everyone has had to change their upcoming travel plans, you can still use, hand out and give away the following eco-friendly, branded, high-quality items for a fun time at home!


Many have had trips and activities planned for the next few months, but with the ongoing pandemic, it's very clear that everyone now needs to stay at home.


A good time can still take place, though: Just bring the vacation to you, your employees, your clients/customers, your fans/followers and others!


The following eco-friendly products are built around beach, camping, snow and kid-friendly vacations. They can all be branded with your company’s or organization’s logo. And they can all provide at-home fun for the perfect staycation.


ITEMS NEEDED FOR AN AT-HOME BEACH VACATION: a recycled umbrella for shade, wheat sunglasses to block the sun, dry bags to store wet swimwear, a kit that comes with sanitizer/lip balm/aloe vera/sunscreen and a pop-up beach tent

promotional beach gear

Activities To Try: Tan on the patio or balcony, swim in the pool or the bathtub and play with the sprinkler in the backyard.


ITEMS NEEDED FOR AN AT-HOME CAMPING TRIP: a two-in-one folding cooler chair, a thermos & camper mugs set for meals, a picnic blanket to spread out on the ground, a hammock for naps and a foldable waterproof container with solar light to create some ambiance! 

promotional camping gear

Activities To Try: Cook smores and hot dogs on the grill, in the fireplace or with a campfire. Build an indoor tent. And feel free to really go camping in the yard.


ITEMS NEEDED FOR AN AT-HOME SNOW-INSPIRED GETAWAY: a sherpa blanket to wrap up in, tons of cozy clothes (such as a beanie & scarf set, fuzzy socks and hoodies & sweatpants) and some touchscreen gloves, which still allow gadgets to be used!

logo winter clothes

Activities To Try: Curl up on the couch, watch Christmas movies, and enjoy some hot cocoa.


ITEMS NEEDED FOR AT-HOME & KID-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES: maze games that promote critical thinking skills, coloring books & crayons for little artists, an LCD writing table for school or play time, scented stress balls that will help reduce anxiety and rubik's cubes, which are fun and educational!

kid-friendly eco-friendly promotional toys and games



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