15 Questions to Ask Before Claiming to Be a Green Company

  • Dec 13, 2010

So… you claim to be a green company. Is that so? How? What makes you so green?

If you are going green and promoting that fact to your clients, why should your clients and prospects believe you?

Part of being a green company, or a green marketer, is to practice what you preach. Internally, have you asked yourself the following questions?:

1. Are you printed materials run double-sided on FSC or SFI Certified paper?

2. Have you switched to recycled USB drives to give to clients instead of catalogs? Why not? These can be very inefficient and can be either preloaded with your marketing material – or burned on an as-needed basis.

3. Do you recycle? Are you recycling your old printed products, catalogs, flyers, etc.?

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