11 Questions to Determine If Your Organization Is Truly Green

  • Jun 15, 2011

Is your organization green? I mean REALLY green?

Many companies claim to be “going green”.

Unfortunately, many times their actions do not match their advertising claims.

Before your organization claims to be green, take a few steps backwards and examine a few crucial areas while you answer this question:

What Makes Your Organization Green?

Just because you have decided to print on both sides of the paper does not make you a green organization.

So you celebrated Earth Day this past year with some recycled frisbees or tote bags…still not truly green.

You have a recycle bin at your office? Nice, but again, not overly green.

Ask yourself these questions in coming up with a better understanding of what makes your company or organization green. Though I can probably list 111 questions, these 11 question are a good start.

1. Why are you going green?

2. Do you have someone responsible for corporate sustainability or social responsibility?

3. How high up the chain of command is the “green culture”?

4. Is the environment part of your mission statement?

5. How do you prove to your customers/press/employees that you are taking active green steps?

6. Can you substantiate provable metrics to show your improvement in reducing your carbon footprint?

7. How active are your employees in becoming more green?

8. What type of mandates do you have for your suppliers in regards to sustainability?

9. Are you purchasing local, when possible?

10. What type of incentives are you offering your employees to reduce their carbon footprint?

11. Are you constantly searching for greener or more sustainable options in your entire operation?

Once you can answer these questions, shout it out!

Promote it!

Live it!

Be proud of it!

Then, you will never have to worry about green washing.

Actions really do speak louder than words.

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