10 Ways To Live More Sustainably In 2021

  • Dec 16, 2020

Follow these steps, in order to help stop and reverse the damage being done to Mother Earth.


Unfortunately, every day, we seem to hear more startling statistics on the earth, climate change, global warming and pollution. 


Luckily, every day is a new chance to start over, make better choices and do our part to help stop/reverse the damage being done.


As this year is wrapping up and we look ahead to 2021, here are 10 ideas to keep in mind, when it comes to living more sustainably at home, in the office, on the go and beyond.


  1. Swap plastic water bottles for a reusable one. A simple step is to stop buying plastic water bottles and, instead, use and carry a glass or stainless steel one. 
  2. Ditch plastic utensils and paper plates in the kitchen. Similarly, try to swap out sustainable options in other areas of life, such as choosing real utensils and plates rather than plastic or paper ones. 
  3. Use cloth napkins and tissues. Think of all the paper towels and tissues that are thrown away...and then think about how much of a difference cloth versions will make!
  4. Make sure to choose reusable over disposable, especially in the bathroom. The bathroom is another room that is usually filled with disposable and plastic items. Consider a safety razor rather than a throw-away kind, a bar of soap rather than a bottle, a reusable toilet bowl cleaner rather than one with a disposable head and bamboo toothbrushes
  5. Carry bags to the grocery store. Some stores and cities require customers to bring their own bags when shopping, and this is a wise step to take, in order to cut down on plastic pollution. 
  6. Buy in bulk. Also when shopping, buy in bulk when possible, as this, too, will reduce the amount of packaging.
  7. Consider purchasing from thrift stores, handmade shops and so on. Eco-friendly shopping habits go beyond groceries; consider buying from thrift stores, handmade shops and local businesses, as well!
  8. Turn off lights, water and electronics when they’re not in use. It should be a general rule to turn things off when they are not in use, such as faucets, lamps and gadgets. Additionally, choose to go with solar-powered products (like power banks and lanterns).   
  9. Recycle as much as possible. A top way to live sustainably is to recycle, recycle, recycle!
  10. Protect the planet. Finally, do whatever can be done to protect this one place we have been given to live. Pick up trash, reuse when it can be done, and encourage others to opt for eco products.

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