10 Sustainable Branded Gift Options For New Employees

  • Apr 5, 2023

Welcome new hires with logo-printed gifts that are also environmentally friendly!


Starting a new job can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. As a way to welcome and appreciate them, employers often give new employee gifts. These can be a great way to make a positive first impression and show that the company values its staff. Ten go-to employee gifts – which are all eco-friendly and custom-printed options – can be found here on Eco Marketing Solutions:


Customized notebooks prioritize organization skills and add a special touch to desks, offices, and workspaces, as they can be imprinted with an employee's name, the company logo, or a personal message. 

Many rely on coffee at the start of the day, so a personalized, recycled, travel tumbler or mug will get used daily. 

A welcome kit can include company-branded merchandise, such as a t-shirt, hat, or water bottle. It can also include personalized items like a welcome card or a list of helpful resources for onboarding.

Healthy snacks can be munched on throughout the day or during a commute, and this particular option comes in an eco-friendly cooler tote.

Team members and staff can represent the brand in a cohesive way with company swag like logo dress socks or hats.

A small desk plant can brighten up a new employee's workspace, improve their mood, encourage relaxation, and bring the outdoors into the workplace.

Personalized water bottles are customizable and convenient, as they will be turned to again and again.

Desk organizers – which can hold phones, pens, sticky notes, and other office supplies –  assist in staff members staying organized and focused. 

To ease some of the stress that comes with a new role, provide a self-care kit, full of relaxing tools such as aromatherapy candles, bath salts, and face masks. 

A personalized calendar is another organizational tool, keeping everyone on top of their schedule and showing care, with personalization options like names, logos, or important dates.


New hire gifts welcome employees in an appreciative way. By choosing thoughtful and practical gifts, employers can show they truly value those around them and really want to invest in their success.

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