10 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for Your New Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit

  • May 28, 2024

Starting a new job is an exciting and significant moment in someone's life. As part of your company's onboarding process, welcoming new employees with a thoughtful and sustainable gift can leave a lasting impression. In this blog, we'll introduce you to 10 eco-friendly promotional products that are perfect for creating an eco-conscious and memorable new employee onboarding welcome kit.


40-Ounce Travel Tumbler

Kickstart your new employees' day with a 40-ounce travel tumbler made from 100% recycled food-grade plastic. Customized with your company logo, this tumbler is a daily companion, keeping your brand at the forefront of their morning routines.


FSC® Mix Pedova™ Soft Bound Journal Notebook

Encourage your new hires to jot down their thoughts and ideas in a softbound journal notebook. This eco-friendly journal, printed with your company's logo, will accompany them during meetings and brainstorming sessions, making your brand a part of their professional growth.


Recycled Wheat Straw Pen or Bamboo Stylus Pen

Include a recycled pen made from wheat straw or a bamboo stylus pen in your onboarding kit. These eco-conscious writing instruments, customized with your logo, reflect your company's commitment to sustainable practices.


Recycled 15" Laptop Backpack

The recycled 15" laptop backpack, featuring lining and webbing made from recycled PET plastic bottles, is perfect for new employees. Provide them with a branded backpack to carry their work essentials while promoting your company's eco-friendly ethos.


5000mAh Bamboo Wireless Power Bank

Make sure your new team members stay connected and powered up with a bamboo wireless power bank. These devices, featuring your company's logo, offer convenience and practicality, ensuring that your brand remains charged up and ready to go.


tentree Hemp Baseball Hat

Welcome your new employees with a sustainable touch by gifting them a tentree cotton beanie or hemp baseball hat, customized with your company branding. This addition to their onboarding kit not only keeps them stylish but also aligns your brand with eco-conscious fashion.


tentree Cloud Shell Packable Puffer Jacket

Protect your new employees from the elements with a tentree Cloud Shell Packable Puffer Jacket. Your company logo on this 100% recycled polyester fabric jacket reflects your brand's commitment to sustainability and keeps your team warm.


Recycled Felt Luggage Tag

Help your employees identify their luggage easily with a recycled felt luggage tag. This practical, eco-friendly accessory, showcasing your company logo, will remind them of your commitment to sustainable practices.


Recycled Felt Zippered Pouch

A recycled felt zippered pouch is perfect for keeping small essentials organized. These versatile pouches, printed with your brand, can accompany your new hires in the office or during business trips.

PLA Bento Box and Recycled Bamboo Cutlery

Elevate the onboarding kit with a PLA bento box featuring a band and a set of recycled bamboo cutlery. Your employees can use these eco-friendly items during lunch breaks, reinforcing your brand's commitment to sustainability.


These eco-friendly promotional products can be printed and shipped out the next business day, ensuring a hassle-free onboarding process. For more information, quotes, and mockups, please don't hesitate to email us at lauren@ecomarketingsolutions.com. We look forward to helping you create a memorable and eco-conscious onboarding experience for your new team members.

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