10 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Beach Resorts & Hotels

  • Apr 13, 2023

Your target audience is gearing up for summer travel. Appeal to it with branded gear that enhances beach trips and hotel holidays.


eco sunglassesSpring is here, summer is upon us, and people are heading off on beach holidays, family vacations, and tropical getaways. When it comes to marketing, that means either:

  1. Brands within this sector – such as resorts, hotels, beach clubs, and travel companies – are in their high seasons, drawing in customers with their seasonal offerings.


  1. Brands outside of this industry know their clients, employees, fans, customers, and buyers are heading to such places.


Therefore, during this time of the year, it is wise to market with promotional products related to outdoor adventures, sun- or water-based activities, social gatherings, and travel in general. All of the suggestions below can be customized with your brand's name/logo, they are all perfect for this time of the year/beyond, and they are all made from recycled/renewable materials!


First up...Reusable water bottles made of stainless steel or glass reduce plastic waste, and collapsible bottles are great for traveling.


Encourage guests to travel without using plastic bags by offering tote bags made of eco-friendly materials like RPET, recycled plastic water bottles, or Supernatural Paper(TM), which is sustainable, washable, and vegan. 


Bamboo cutlery travel sets also reduce plastic waste that comes along with single-use spoons, forks and knives. Plus, it means you always have utensils ready to use! 


Eco-friendly sunscreen and lip balm are made with natural ingredients and without harmful chemicals that can harm marine life. 


Recycled beach towels can be used by guests around the pool or beach, reused during their stay, then taken home as a souvenir!


Can coolers keep drinks cold and keep glass containers from breaking near the pool or other areas. 


As an alternative to plastic, there are super cool sunglasses made of wood or wheat fiber. Everyone will love receiving a pair at the start of their custom bucket hattrip!


Solar-powered portable chargers encourage guests to use clean energy when charging devices. 


Gardening is a popular springtime activity, so there are also seed bombs and seed paper that allow recipients to plant and grow their own plants or herbs. 


Finally, help protect from the sun’s harmful rays with recycled trucker hats and bucket hats.


Whichever promo products you choose, know that you are:

–encouraging people to have some fun in the sun

–giving green gifts that are good for the planet

–promoting your brand in a lasting way


For more sustainable custom-printed merch, continue browsing our site!


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