Which Strategy is Better: Promoting Green Marketing to the Masses- or Growing Your Tribe Slowly?

  • May 24, 2013

Tips on How to Expand Your Green Marketing Campaign to Reach More Customers

By Robert Piller

Austin, TX: Growing your base is at the core of every company- green or not.

For green marketing organizations, the big decision is how to best grow your market without alienating your core tribe – while growing at the expense of no-green companies.

The first thing to do for green marketing success is to define your core audience- or your tribe.

What is their composition – in terms of age, sex, income, geographic area, political and religious affiliations, etc.?

Define them down to the most minute details.

Now picture this “idealized” customer and give him or her a name.

Look in magazines and try to cut out a picture of this idealized person and post it near your computer screen so you are conscious of this person in all of your branding.

If you cannot define your core customer, you will have difficulty with all your marketing strategies.

Next, think about who this ideal group of customers would mix or socialize with in order to spread your message.

Green marketing needs to spread through education and awareness..and tribe to tribe.

How are you helping your core audience spread the message?

What type of events are you hosting that might get these two groups to come together?

These should be both online and off-line events.

Let this next stage develop gradually – until your core gets bigger.

Then, repeat..and repeat..and repeat.

Don’t force your green marketing message on anyone.

Let them find you..but make it easy for them to find you or your tribe.

Don’t waste your green marketing message on a group that is not yet ready to embrace it or are non-believers in climate change.

They may eventually buy green products if they are mandated or can save them money on energy usage–but its not the target market you will want to focus any significant amount of time or budget on.

Preaching to the audience is not a bad thing– as repetition of message help to reinforce green thinking, help to uncover new facts and new ideas and give you a chance to strategize.

Keep your marketing message targeted and focused.




And help spread your green marketing message one customer at a time.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today.

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