US Post Office Has Released New Go Green Postage Stamps

  • Apr 21, 2011


The United States Postal Service has just released a series of stamps that is perfect for very business, home and organization — Go Green postage stamps.

Green Marketers — Be sure to use the new USPS First Class Mail stamps on all your correspondences in the future.

Hopefully your organization has dramatically reduced its use of mail–by sending out invoices and statements electronically, as well as using email instead of letters, whenever possible. However, on payments and other needed mailings, a Go Green stamp is a great way to promote your environmental message.

The new stamps are “Forever” stamps, meaning it is good for mail up to one ounce – even when rates go up in the future.

There are 16 individual stamps in the sheetlet–each one expressing a different way that people can reduce their carbon footprint. Since the goal of any green campaign is outreach and behavioral change each stamp will serve as a mini public service announcement.

At its release party earlier this week, Judith Enck, EPA Regional Administrator, said, “These stamps are an everyday reminder of how our actions affect the environment. The U.S. Post Office has shown real environmental leadership in greening it own operations, and we applaud them for creating these practical and educational Go Green stamps.”

We have ordered several hundred dollars worth to use with all check payments.

Let’s make Every Day Earth Day.

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