Starbucks Will Roll Out a Refillable Coffee Mug for $1. Are You Willing to Support Other Restaurants That Do The Same?

  • Jan 3, 2013

Support Businesses That Offer Refillable Coffee Mugs and Water Bottles

Austin, Texas: As I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, Concord, Massachusetts became the first city in the US to ban small bottled water containers in an effort to reduce waste and encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

Today it was noted that Starbucks will begin to offer a reusable plastic coffee tumbler for $1 as a way of reducing its use of single use coffee cups.

In fact, they are planning to offer a discount of up to a dime to customers that bring in their cup to help remind and reward their usage.

Offering imprinted tumblers and imprinted sports bottles makes economic sense – both from a fiscal point of view–as well as from an environmental view.

A 2012 ASI industry study shows that 87% of recipients of an imprinted promotional item (like a tumbler, mug or water bottle) recall the advertiser on the drinkware.

And 47% have a more favorable view of the advertising company after receiving the item.

The study also shows that the average imprinted tumbler or bottle are kept for 7.1 months–giving your brand and message great visibility for a very low cost.

On the environmental side, it has been reported that North Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour — that’s 60 million plastic bottles per day–21.9 billion bottles per year!

And that is to say nothing of Styrofoam and paper mugs and cups.

Can you imagine the impact we would have if every restaurant, snack shop, coffee shop, donut stand, etc. sold or gave away refillable and reusable bottles and tumblers to replace these single use containers?!

Let’s start to make an impact.

If you are a consumer, bring your refillable and reusable cup (with any brand or logo on it) to your favorite eatery and tell them to fill up. And while there, ask them why they do not offer refillable cups of their own.

If you are a business or restaurateur–what are you waiting for?

Order imprinted coffee tumblers, coffee mugs or water bottles today. (We can help you with that – if you don’t already have a trusted source of environmentally-friendly promotional items–FYI.)

Get started right away.

No more single use containers.

Tell your friends.

Tell your favorite shop owners.

No more tossing out 21.9 billion bottles a year.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today!

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