Promotional Tote Bags: Are They Really Over-Used as a Promotional Item?

  • Apr 25, 2014

Do People Really Want or Need Another Promotional Tote Bag?

Austin, TX: One of the most frequent questions I hear when a client is looking for eco-friendly promotional items is: Do People Really Want or Need Another Promotional Tote Bag?

That is a valid question, since tote bags have been one of our most popular promotional items for the past six years.

However, with over 160 cities and counties with plastic bag bans and others following close behind, the fact of the matter is that people will always need extra tote bags or shopping bags.

They need promotional tote bags for their car. Some for their garage. And some for other places.

Bottom line, for Earth Day this past year, we sold millions of promotional tote bags– each one a walking billboard for the company that gave them away.

For trade shows, people will always want extra tote bags – and will appreciate the giver.

For Earth Day events, a reusable promotional tote bag encourages conservation.

For recycling events, a reusable tote bag helps promote REUSE–one of the 3R’s (along with Recycle and Reuse).

(A recycled tote bag goes even further–capturing 2 of the 3 R’s).

Demand for promotional tote bags has remained very solid over the years–and shows no sign of letting up.

Next time you are considering an eco-friendly promotional item, don’t overlook promotional tote bags.

Your customers will thank you for them!

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