Newsweek Issued Environmental Ranking of Top 500 US Businesses

  • Oct 18, 2010

Newsweek ranks environmental records of America's Top 500 companiesKudos for Newsweek for ranking the environmental record of America’s Top 500 companies in their latest issue.

From their list, it is clear to see that the high-tech community has taken a lead in the pro-environment segment, with both hardware companies, such as Dell and HP among the top spots. In fact, technology companies made up ten of the top 13 spots on the list.

When will other industries come aboard the green movement and not wait for government regulation to force the issue?

Dell, for example, had responded well about a decade ago to a call out from environmental groups encouraging greater recycling of computers — and they took the initiative and bought into the environmental movement.  Dell could have just as easily have ignored the actions of these action groups , or hired a team of lobbyists to ward off legislation, like so many other industries do.

Instead, Silicon Valley is miles ahead of most other industries in encouraging recycling, reducing wasteful packaging, and reducing their environmental footprint.

Hopefully this article will serve as a wake-up call to other industries to self-police their environmental impact.

In addition, I challenge all businesses — small and large, public or private, to see what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint 10% for each of the next 10 years.

Sure, there is always the low hanging fruit that can easily be done for the first year or two.  After that, it will take a bit more planning, but can be achieved easily with a bit of effort.

10% per Year Over Next 10 Years.

Will you join me?

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