New Study:The United States Has Just 1 Company in Top 20 Greenest Companies

  • Oct 23, 2012

New List of Green Companies Shows That America is Falling Behind the Rest of the World in Clean Energy

New List of Top Green Companies shows that American firms are falling behindAustin, Texas:  Newsweek just released their annual Top 500 Greenest Global Companies list, and you will see that the growth of environmentalism and sustainability has moved primarily overseas, not in the United States.

What is most interesting is that although many of these companies are in European countries, Brazil and India  have the top 3 companies and IBM is the only American company in the Top 10, let alone the Top 20.

Despite many of the blowhards running for Congress, alternative energy will be the fastest growing energy source over the next 20 years. Unless this country fully focuses its strengths (time, finances, attention, and leadership) we will fall behind most countries and our leadership position may never come to fruition.

America cannot remain a global leader if it is not in the Top 3 in alternative energy production.

We will miss the boat and export everything from wind turbines to batteries and solar cells.

We can reinvigorate our American workforce by investing in these clean energy jobs now.

Yes, there will be some hits and misses – as Mitt Romney likes to point out.

But without strong leadership, we will have wasted our opportunity to become a leader in clean energy — and fall behind Brazil, India, China and all of Europe.

Without a sudden shift, we will not be able to achieve leadership position in the future of clean, alternative energy, which will continue to become the biggest growth segment of the new global economy.

Restoring America’s future should be a bi-partisan issue.

Let’s vote for more green and clean energy now.