New Promotional Products Have a Sense of Smell

  • Jan 17, 2012

popular scented promotional products include tees and tattoosPromotional Products with Built-In Fragrances

Austin, Texas: In the past few months, we have worked with several clients on unique promotional items and premiums that had built in scents as a way to stand out from the crowd and to capture greater attention of trade show attendees.

Seems odd? Perhaps, but the more senses that get involves with a brand, the more it will be remembered. When using imprinted promotional items, combining scent and sight can help to greatly improve impact and ROI.

Here are a few ideas of recent promotions using the sense of smell:

1) Scented Tee Shirts: Talk about an unusual promotional item to give away at trade shows and to the press, the technology is now available to actually silk screen scents right into the design. Taking a standard cotton T-shirt, an actual layer of scented ink is imprinted at the same time the design is printed. There are over 100 scents available currently – and custom scents are available. The scent will last for about 4-5 washes.

2) Scented Temporary Tattoos: First used in the cosmetics industry, temporary tattoos can also have a scent added to them for a unique and low cost marketing campaign. Bright graphics and popular fragrances can make a one-two punch for a nominal expense.

3) Scented Wrist Bands: Again, thinking out of the box, these wrist bands can be used instead of tester cards or just to create an ambiance or mood for your next event.

4) Scented Lip Balm: Forget just vanilla and peppermint, lip balm is now available in nearly 100 different flavors–including chocolate, margarita, coconut, cotton candy, cinnamon, banana, latte, cola, green tea, rum and more. A fun way to promote your new product introduction or event.

Scents can help to energize, relax or help put your clients in another frame of mind or reference.

They are different and can help you stand out from the crowd.

Next time you are planning your upcoming marketing campaign, remember, the nose knows.

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