Market Your Brand With USA-Made Earth-Friendly Nalgene Bottles

  • May 11, 2023

These trendy water bottles make for useful and thoughtful swag that is good for the planet, hydration, the economy, and your promotional campaigns!


custom Nalgene bottleReusable water bottles are a go-to choice for promotions, as they…

-are environmentally friendly

-come in an array of colors, designs, styles, and sizes

-can be used by anyone and everyone


That’s a win-win-win, especially here at Eco Marketing Solutions. As our founder, Lauren Piller, told the Promotional Products Association International, “I’m on a mission to try to end as much plastic promotional product usage and waste in shipping and all that for my products, for my clients and trying to get them more quality sustainable products that will last throughout the years.”


reusable Nalgene bottleHigh-quality, lasting promo products are offered by big names like Nalgene, and these bottles, in particular, are a top selection when marketing, due to…

-the recognizable and popular brand name

-the fact that they are made in America

-the durability


These made-in-America eco-friendly products can be customized with logos, brand colors, and the name of companies, organizations, and/or events then turned to when…

Nalgene water bottle

-starting a business

-launching a new product/service

-hosting an event

-attending a trade show

-promoting a deal/special/sale


For instance, a company could hand these out to friends and neighbors, in order to introduce themselves and spread awareness. Each swag bag at an industry event could include one of these. Social media giveaways and trade booth raffles could use them as prizes. The list goes on and on!


kids Nalgene bottleSome of the best-selling reusable Nalgene water bottles include…

-the Nalgene 16-Ounce Wide-Mouth Bottle, made from 50% certified recycled content and BPA/BPS free

-the Nalgene 32-Ounce Narrow-Mouth Bottle, which helps in offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions

-the Nalgene 24-Ounce On-the-Fly Bottle, a dishwasher-safe, made-in-the-USA item

-the Nalgene 12-Ounce Grip-n-Gulp Bottle, which is a spill-proof sippy cup with a rubberized lid, smooth mouthpiece, and protective cover


All of these suggestions are from a top-selling brand – one that is American-made and sustainable – and they can all promote hydration, reusability, and a brand’s product(s)/service(s). Find more Nalgene drinkware here!


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