Is Your Green Marketing As Green As You Claim It To Be?

  • Aug 28, 2012

How Green is Your Marketing?

Stop Trying to Circumvent Your Green Marketing Message

Austin, TX: A potential client called me yesterday asking for a green promotional product, then said in a hush-hush voice ” It doesn’t have to be too green- it’s just one of those crazy things my boss asked me to find for him”.

Green– but not too green!??!

What does that even mean?

Call it eco-friendly but don’t tell me the details?

Greenwashing is a terrible thing for two reasons.

One — it is deceptive and wrong.

Two- it destroys the credibility of the entire green movement and sets it back ten years.

If you are a green organization and want to promote the value of conservation, recycling, energy efficiency and reuse to your constituency(clients, prospects, employees, general public), you must be honest and clear.

Don’t be part of the “something that is maybe green, maybe not so much – as long as we can get the recycling logo printed on it” mentality.

You are hurting your own cause.

Green promotional items do not need to cost more, or significantly more than promotional products that will end up in landfills.

If they do, order fewer of them and be true to your cause, your message and your brand.

Instead of 1000 plastic ballpoint pens, order 950 pens made from recycled plastic.

Instead of outfitting your trade staff with four poly/cotton embroidered polo shirts, order them three embroidered polo shirts made from bamboo or organic cotton.

Think before committing to your promotional marketing – and your marketing in general.

Promote the environment.

Push environmentally-friendly products and solutions.

Be an advocate for the environment.

Stay true to the cause of a greener planet.