Is Your Company Considering Cutting Back on Earth Day Marketing?

  • Feb 20, 2012

What is the true meaning of Earth Day?

Austin, Texas: I have had several of my larger clients call me to tell me that they are cutting back on Earth Day marketing this year for a variety of reasons.

Some feel they have done the yearly holiday enough times.

Others think their marketing budget can be spent in other ways

Others never measured their ROI, and cannot justify its expense

Earth Day only comes once a year and if you are a green company, or one that is aspiring to become greener, and you want to get your story and message out, this is the ONE event you cannot afford to miss. PERIOD.

It is like a jeweler missing Valentine’s Day or a toy company skipping Christmas.

Earth Day is your opportunity to tell your story.

  • To explain why you decided to finally go green.
  • To discuss with your audience why they should go green.
  • Tips on how to be greener.
  • Ideas on how to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Reasons why is it important to support green legislation.

Earth Day is not just about YOU or your company.

Earth Day is about promoting a green lifestyle for generations.

That is the meaning of Earth Day.

Promote the event and the message of Earth Day first. Your company message will follow.

What are you going to do to promote the event?

Let’s Make Earth Day Every Day

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