How to Choose the Right Custom Imprinted Tote Bags For Your Next Trade Show

  • Oct 15, 2008

selecting an imprinted tote bag or messenger bag for trade shows and custmer gifts

When it comes to environmentally friendly trade show give-aways, few items give more bang for the buck than imprinted tote bags. Trade show attendees are constantly looking for quality bags to put their catalogs and handouts into, and a heavy-duty tote bag will be used over and over again—long after the trade show has ended.  Tote bags are light in weight, fold up easily and they help prevent dozens of plastic bags from ever being needed.

Robert Piller, president of Eco Marketing Solutions, notes, “Imagine the return on investment that a reusable tote bag offers, when you factor in the hundreds of people who will be carrying your billboard sign around a trade show floor promoting your company.”

With all the choices of eco-friendly promotional tote bags, how do you choose which is the best tote bag for your budget?  Below are the five most popular types of eco-friendly tote bags and information to help you choose the correct tote bag for your needs.

1.  Cotton/Canvas Tote Bags: Cotton/canvas tote bags are probably the strongest and most durable of all tote bags.  Cotton tote bags come in various weights and offer possibly the best value, as well.  For trade shows, choose a cotton tote bag made with a minimum of 6 ounce cloth in order to carry and support substantial weight from catalogs, thus ensuring that the tote bags will actually be used. You can order these in natural color or dyed, depending on the impact of your logo and message.   The canvas material is not smooth, so small fonts and detailed logos should be avoided.

2.    Organic Cotton Tote Bags (Organic Canvas Tote Bags): Organic cotton tote bags have

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