Green Marketing Is As Alive As You Allow It To Be

  • May 9, 2013

The Future of Green Marketing

Austin, Texas: A group of my colleagues and other industry professionals were discussing the future of green marketing last week – and some were wondering if green marketing has peaked and is on the decline.

Is Green Marketing as a broad advertising niche on the decline?

I would say yes…and that is probably a good thing and an opportunity for smart marketers.

Any advertising message has to strike a chord with an audience and that target audience is always changing.

Green marketing is no different.

A green marketing message was never a broad Super Bowl ad type of message– much as a Quit Smoking campaign is not for everyone.

However, there is still a huge demographic that does still want to support green initiatives, buy recycled and organic products and live a greener lifestyle.

That is your target market – and with less clutter and less green washing, it is easier than ever to reach this desired audience–and at a reduced budget.

There is still an audience that is hungry for new products that do not contain chemical additives.

There is still an audience for cars that get better fuel mileage.

There is still an audience that prefers cradle-to-grave product life cycles.

There is still an audience that prefers re-use and recycling.

There is still an audience that clamors for education on how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

There is still an audience seeking energy efficiency in their appliances – at home, at work and at play.

And, with a reduced ad campaign from companies that are targeting this green audience, your green marketing message can now go further with the same ad and marketing spend.

Green marketing is not a mass audience message.

You, as a marketer, control the dialog.

Don’t let the media’s “Scandal of the Day” control the message.

Stay out front in promoting your green marketing message to the right target audience.

Keep it consistent.

Target your audience more succinctly – and let them into your tribe, as marketing genius Seth Godin refers to them.

Now is the time to engage more frequently with your green-friendly target audience.

Let this market grow and spread – and green marketing will take care of itself.

The companies that jumped on the green movement and treated it as a fad are gone – or soon will be.

Those companies that are truly green at its core – and promote a green message as part of their mission and character – will thrive.

Do you think green marketing is dead?

Only if you want it to be dead.

Keep your green marketing message consistent and true, and watch your followers continue to support you and help you to grow.

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