Going Green: It's a Year-Long Commitment..Every Year

  • Dec 4, 2013

Going Green: It’s More Than Just a Slogan!

Austin, Texas: As this year winds down it is time to review our year and look introspectively at our results.

This gives us a chance to see what we have been doing correctly, what needs to be improved and what needs to be replaced.

Our job is to help companies that are “Going Green” to better promote their objective and plans to their targeted audience.

I am constantly asking our team if we are helping our customers “go green enough”?

If our clients think about promoting their recycling programs or green services at Earth Day alone–they are not maximizing their branding opportunity.

Going Green is helping our client’s clients to think green more often than they are currently doing.

Going green is helping people to think about their environmental choices on a more frequent basis.

If they only “think green” on Earth Day–what a wasted opportunity!

What can we do to help people think of going green on a more regular basis?

Is it more educational discussions, webinars, town halls, etc.?

Is it more green contests on social media sites?

Is it more programs co-marketed with other like-minded green organizations that will help multiply the efforts?

Is it a series of green reminders that are sent by email weekly or are pasted onto recycling bins?

Let us know what has been helping to build environmental awareness in your company and in your community so we can share these ideas with the public.

We welcome these ideas so that we can leave a greener planet behind.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today.

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