Earth Day Promotions and Marketing: Do You Pass the B.S. Test?

  • Mar 31, 2011

This Earth Day, tens of thousands of companies will be launching a promotional campaign or marketing blitz around this one day event. Like other recent “holidays”, such a Breast Cancer Awareness Week, marketers of all stripes have started to take notice and will use these events as springboards to capitalize on the phenomena.

The public is starting to be wary of every Tom, Dick and Harriet affixing their name to an Earth Day event without having honest reason to participate. They are starting to develop better BS-meters and their intolerance for green washing is becoming stronger.

My advice, if you are not a green company, find another event to hitch your wagon to. There are 364 other days in the year for which you can promote your brand.

That being said, if you are a green company, or are going green, Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to explain to your audience a few facts, such as:

  • How you are green.
  • Why you decided to “go green”.
  • What kinds of benefits to the planet (community, galaxy?) that your audience will reap.
  • Why should your customers care about this change or improvement?
  • Why they should go green.

However, bottom line, remember this: Earth Day is an opportunity for outreach and for education.

It is fine to explain the benefits of your product or service–but also take the time to make your audience aware of other ways that they can help to reduce their carbon footprint. Help organizations, businesses and the general public understand more about recycling and its benefits.

Get children involved with tree planting to beautify their neighborhood, their homes or their park.

Help people to understand the Why of Earth Day and its benefits to them and to future generations

Be pro-active—-and be REAL.

Happy Earth Day!

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