Earth Day is 3 Months Away: What Green Message Will You Be Focusing On?

  • Jan 29, 2014

Earth Day is April 22: How Will You Be Promoting Your Message?

by Robert Piller

Austin, Texas: Last year our company saw a huge increase in the amount of last minute rush orders about 2 weeks before Earth Day.

That tells me that to too many organizations and businesses, Earth Day is an afterthought.

Don’t approach Earth Day as a one day event to hype your products or message.

Instead, Earth Day should be part of your mantra…every single day.

Earth Day should be planned well in advance to help you spread valuable education about the environment .. and ideas and plans to help improve it.

Earth Day should be used as a platform to engage your community.

Not to preach.

Not to ridicule.

But to honestly engage with your audience on facts about climate change.

About the importance of recycling.

About how to reduce energy consumption.

About the idea of reusability and waste reduction.

About carbon footprints.

These serious engagements cannot be accomplished in a last-minute appearance at an Earth Day event.

They should be planned carefully for maximum impact.

You have almost 3 months. Start planning.

Here’s to a successful Earth Day 2014!

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