Determine Your Marketing Goals..Before Planning Your Strategy

  • Jan 25, 2013

Create a plan and a vision fo ryour marketing goals--including social media

Does this social media strategy look familiar?

Austin, Texas: I saw this great cartoon on people jumping onto all the different social media platforms–without any clear vision or goal.

Without a clear goal, this shotgun approach will deliver less-than-optimal results and waste much of your marketing spend and time.

Outline your top marketing and sales goals for 2013.

Then, and only then, can you plan a strategy for reaching it.

This applies to the online world–as much as to the real, physical world of marketing.

When I talk with my clients about marketing programs, I try to elicit such useful information as:

  • Goals
  • Measurement of these goals
  • Target audience
  • Reasons for the campaigns
  • Budget
  • Competition Analysis
  • People that will be working on the campaign and their skill sets

Without a road map, you will never know when you have reached your destination.

Determine your marketing vision.

Then work toward that goal.

Don’t let all the newest bells and whistles and apps stand in your way.

Don’t ignore them either.

These tools should be used to help reach your goals.

Not the other way around.

What are your marketing goals for the rest of 2013…and how do you plan to reach those goals?

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