Choosing the Best Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For Promoting Your Green Marketing Message

  • Dec 6, 2013

5 Ideas to Help You Select the Right Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For Your Next Event

Austin, Texas: One of the most frequent questions we get from customers is ” How do I choose the best eco-friendly promotional product for my event?”

First, the bad news: There is not any ONE best promotional item for all our needs.

If there were, my website would contain just that one item–and not 50,000+.

Now, the good news is that choosing which is right for you is simple if you can answer the following questions:

1) What Type of Event is This For?

Trade Show? Conference? Holiday Gifts? Earth Day Event?

Match the promotional gift for the event so that they will not be tossed out at the airport– or thrown away because the recipients will be outside and do not want to carry a tote bag with them all day.

2) Who Will Be Attending This Event?

It goes without saying that you will want to match the promotional items with the correct demographics.

Are these for children? If so, you will have to be concerned with Consumer Product Safety Issues (CPSIA) and regulations.

Are these for students?

For politicians?

For parents

Think about the target audience before selecting the right promotional item.

3) What is Your Goal in Distributing these Promotional Items?

You should have an idea of what your goal is:lead generation, getting a donation, having the person go to your website, education, etc. Without a clear-cut goals, how will you be able to measure your effectiveness.

4) How Will You Be Distributing the Promotional Gifts?

Will you be mailing them out. If so, size and weight come into play.

Will you be handing them out at a trade show? They usefulness and imprint size take center stage.

5) What is Your Budget?

Determine your overall budget and cost per recipient.

Then decide if all recipients should be getting the same gift–or if you can divide that budget into A, B and C clients–depending on their potential business- and order accordingly.

Where do Your Customers Usually Make Their Purchase Decisions?

Try to visualize the place that your customers contact you when they need to place an order.

In their car?? Then a gift that will be on their dashboard or cup holder would be the best idea.

At the office? Then own their desktop space–pens, calendars, USB drives, etc.

At their home…well you get the idea by now.

The right eco-friendly promotional gift can be used again and again– and keep your message and brand front and center.

The wrong item can waste quite a bit of money.

Also, don’t use the same item year after year–unless your ROI is phenomenal.

And don’t use the same item for every event–as you will not be most effective.

Choosing the right eco-friendly promotional item for your event s simple if you just give a little thought ahead of time.

Use a promotional products professional that can help match your budget and message to the right eco-friendly promotional products.

Happy Promoting!

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