Be Sure to Add Social Media Links to Your Promotional Products

  • Sep 5, 2014

Printing and Promoting Your Social Media Links on All of Your Promotional Products Will Drive More Traffic

 Branding Your Promotional Products With Your Social Media Links

Austin, Texas: One of the most common concerns for my clients is how they can attract more followers to their social media sites.

Are you in that same boat–not getting enough people to visit and interact on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other sites

Take a moment and evaluate all of your advertising , marketing and promotions.  Do they all cross-promote your social media accounts?

I suggest using your social media accounts consistently in all media: print ads, email signature lines, business cards and even on your promotional products.

I tend to question every promotional product order that we get that does not include a link to at least one social media site.

Even the NBA is including their Twitter handle (@NBA) on all game balls–because it gets noticed and drives traffic.

Start putting your Twitter handle on your promotional products and all other forms of marketing.

And be consistent in promoting them.

Cross promote your social media sites with promotional products and other forms of marketing.  

Don’t view social media as a stand alone marketing venue.

If you do not promote those sites, how do you expect to draw attention to them?

Keep your social media links front and center in all communications and watch your traffic increase.

Happy Promoting!

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