Are We Serious About Supporting the Green Movement With Our Wallets-- or Are We Just All Talk?

  • Dec 6, 2011

Austin, Texas: The other day, in an article in the Wall Street Journal, GM announced a possible recall of the Chevy Volt for safety reasons.

But what was surprising about the WSJ article was the fact that the Chevy Volt has failed to sell its initial run of just 10,000 cars, hoping to eke out around 8,000 vehicles this year.

Greenies, if we do not support green products, businesses will fail to cater to our needs and wishes.

8,000 Chevy Volts in the entire US– that’s just 160 cars sold per state! Ridiculously low!

Come on! We have got to do a better job of going out of our way to purchase green products or their will not be a green industry much longer.

Is the green movement comprised of a vocal minority, demanding greener products, but who fail to follow through and purchase them? I hope not.

Are you searching the store shelves for greener products on every occasion? Every occasion–really?

Are you walking the walk — or just talking the talk?

Talk is cheap.

The marketplace is listening.

We need to make an effort to support green businesses, green products, if we are going to achieve economies of scale and drive down prices.

Let’ start increasing our green expenditures…starting today.

Who is with me?

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