7 Questions to Ask Yourself To Improve Your Green Marketing Sales Next Year Year

  • Dec 2, 2015

Is It Time To Re-Visit Your Green Marketing Plans for 2016?


Austin, Texas: As the year quickly comes to an end, it is a great time to review your green marketing goals .and to see how close you were to your objectives.

Too often we just roll from one year to the next without taking the time to see what we had done correctly and what needs improving.

I like to go to a Starbucks or other location and bring an old school bound journal and sit, think and review for about an hour or so…and just think and write.

I like to think about my vision and write down some key thoughts and ideas. Then I break them down to see the best ways to reach each of those goals.

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself to plan for a successful new year of green marketing:

1) What was your top green marketing goal last year? Did you meet it? Did you even have one?

2) What can you do to improve your outreach for next year? How will you go about achieving that goal?

3) What is your top priority for next year in terms of sales? What steps are needed to reach that goal?

4) What was your biggest disappointment of this year? Why? What could you have done differently?

5) If money wasn’t an object, what would you change about your business? How would that change things?

6)If the economy slows down next year, how will you adjust your marketing strategies? What can you do to pre-empt a downturn from affecting you?

7) How many podcasts and/or speeches have you given on the benefits of going green? If green is your mission, then outreach is crucial in both spreading the gospel and in promoting your brand. How can you do a better job in communicating the importance of going green or about the dangers of climate change?

You can come up with others.

Just think about your green marketing vision, plans, goals — and start writing.

No erasers.

One thought per page.

And just keep writing until you cannot think any longer.

It is a fun and very useful activity and it should work well for you.

Let me know how you do next year. I’d love to know if you’ve reached or exceeded your goals.

Happy New year and Happy Promoting!

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