4 Reasons Succulents Have Become The Hottest Trending Green Promo Item

  • Nov 17, 2020

Turn to these plants to show appreciation for your team or customers, to boost your brand and to add some style to the office!


Succulents are drought-resistant plants that come in an array of shapes, sizes and styles, and in recent years, they have been seen everywhere.


They are used as home decorations, as centerpieces at events, as ways to make workplaces feel more homey and as gifts, too; brands, bamboo gift in imprinted vasespecifically, can turn to these trending eco items for employee incentives, to thank clients and when it comes to advertising in general, as these plants can be custom-printed with names and logos.


So when planning campaigns, know that succulents have become so popular due to the reasons below: 


They are easy to maintain (even if someone doesn’t have a green thumb).

As mentioned, these plants are resistant and hearty, since they retain water in a unique way. Even on-the-go professionals will be able to keep them alive!


They dress up a space (in an affordable way). 

While signs, frames and trinkets can accessorize a space, plants do so in an awesome and an affordable way. They are especially great for promotional cactusadding to offices, creating a warmth and coziness. 


They have health benefits (mentally, physically, emotionally and beyond).

A top reason succulents are trending is because of their health benefits. According to research, patients with plants in their rooms require less medication, have lower blood pressure and experience less fatigue and anxiety. 


And they just look super cool (which makes them even more appealing).

Finally, this type of plant just looks neat, and that can certainly make something sought after and appreciated. That being said, shop now for succulents to give to employees, customers, fans and beyond!


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