15 Best Eco-Friendly Promo Items for Your Next Outdoor Music Festival

  • Aug 10, 2023

From Coachella and beyond, outdoor music festivals bring people together to enjoy live music, beautiful surroundings, and a sense of community. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of sustainability, it's essential to incorporate eco-friendly practices into these events. 


In this blog, we'll explore the 15 best eco-friendly promotional items that can enhance your outdoor music festival experience while reducing its environmental impact. From reusable drinkware to biodegradable merchandise, these items not only promote your festival but also reflect your commitment to a greener future.


Reusable Collapsible Water Bottles & Hydration Backpacks 

As most festivals have free water refill stations, providing hydro backpacks and collapsible water bottles makes it easy to carry and store your bottles and water while dancing to your favorite music.


Keeping festival-goers hydrated is crucial, and providing reusable stainless steel water bottles, in particular, is an excellent way to encourage sustainability. These durable and eco-friendly bottles can be customized with your festival's branding, allowing attendees to stay hydrated while reducing single-use plastic waste.


Replace disposable plastic cups with biodegradable bamboo fiber cups. These eco-friendly alternatives are compostable and visually appealing, making them a perfect choice for serving beverages at your outdoor music festival. Add your festival logo for brand visibility that aligns with your sustainability values.


Offer festival-goers organic cotton tote bags to carry their belongings and purchases. These reusable bags are practical, durable, and eco-friendly. Customizing them with your festival's artwork or logo adds a personal touch while promoting sustainable practices.


Protect attendees' eyes from the sun with stylish and eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses. Made from sustainable bamboo, these sunglasses offer UV protection and can be customized with your festival branding, serving as a memorable and useful promotional item.


Replace traditional wristbands with seed paper wristbands that can be planted after the festival. These biodegradable wristbands embedded with flower or herb seeds are a unique way to engage attendees and leave a positive environmental impact.


Create a sustainable and stylish merchandise option by offering recycled PET T-shirts. These shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles and can be customized with your festival artwork.


Keep festival-goers at Lollapalooza and beyond connected with solar-powered phone chargers. These portable chargers harness the power of the sun, providing a sustainable energy source to charge smartphones and other devices. 


Prepare attendees for unpredictable weather with biodegradable ponchos. Made from environmentally friendly materials, these ponchos protect against rain while decomposing naturally. Customizing them with your festival branding adds a touch of personalization.


Add fun and eco-conscious entertainment to your festival with recycled frisbees, which can then be taken home for more entertainment and more visibility for your brand.


Reduce single-use plastic cutlery by providing attendees with bamboo cutlery sets. These eco-friendly alternatives are reusable, lightweight, and easy to carry. 


Stadium Seats & Picnic Blankets

For those who need a break, are setting up a picnic, or just prefer to sit while at concerts, there are customizable stadium seats and blankets.


Hanging LED Lanterns & Lamps 

These are a great way to keep walkways lit and to safely guide people out of the festival and back to their cars, RVs, or camp sites. They also serve as a fun way to decorate RVs and tents, providing some ambient light when relaxing between shows.


Pop-Up Signs & Tents 

Signs guide guests to certain stages, have showtimes listed, indicate where vendors and bathrooms are located, and more, so these are must-have items for concerts and fests like Bonnaroo.


Portable Fans 

Last but not least, everyone can keep cool with these handheld rechargeable fans.


As outdoor music festivals – including our personal fave, ACL in Austin – continue to attract large crowds, it's essential to prioritize eco-friendly practices. By incorporating these 10 best eco-friendly promotional items into your next event, you not only enhance the festival experience but also demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. 


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