10 Last-Minute Custom-Printed Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Clean Energy Companies

  • Nov 2, 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy, giving, and spreading goodwill. For clean energy companies, it's an opportunity to reinforce their commitment to sustainability and promote eco-conscious practices. Custom branded gifts and merchandise provide a unique way to express appreciation while aligning with your company's mission. 


The gift ideas listed out below not only convey gratitude but also highlight your dedication to a greener future…and next day shipping is available upon request!


Reusable 40oz Tumbler With Handle And Straw

Encourage sustainability and hydration with custom branded stainless steel water bottles. Choose BPA-free, reusable bottles that are durable and designed to last. These eco-friendly gifts not only reduce plastic waste but also promote your brand as an advocate for clean energy and environmental responsibility. This tumbler even has a slim base that fits into most cup holders so clients and employees can stay hydrated on the go.


Recycled Paper Notebooks 

Opt for custom branded notebooks made from recycled paper. These eco-friendly gifts provide a practical platform for writing and note-taking while reducing the demand for new paper production. Add your company logo to showcase your commitment to sustainable practices.


Solar-Powered Phone Charger / Power Bank

Promote renewable energy on the go with custom branded solar-powered phone chargers. These innovative chargers harness the power of the sun to charge smartphones and other devices, eliminating the need for traditional electricity. By gifting these chargers, you demonstrate your company's dedication to clean energy and offer a practical solution for eco-conscious recipients.


Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Sets

Encourage sustainable eating habits with custom branded bamboo utensil sets. These reusable sets are a great alternative to disposable plastic cutlery and promote waste reduction. Engrave your company logo on the utensil handles to increase brand visibility while supporting eco-friendly practices.


Recycled Tote Bags

Replace single-use plastic bags with custom branded shopping tote bags. These versatile and eco-friendly gifts can be used for grocery shopping, carrying belongings, or as everyday accessories. By choosing bags made from recycled materials and organic cotton, you support sustainable farming practices and showcase your brand's commitment to the environment.


Succulents & Air Plants

Combine the joy of receiving gifts with the opportunity to grow plants. Custom branded plantable seed kits and small indoor plants are made from recycled materials embedded with wildflower seeds. Recipients can plant the cards and watch as beautiful flowers bloom, symbolizing growth and sustainability.


Recycled Computer Accessories

Custom branded tech accessories made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) offer a practical and eco-friendly gift option. Choose items such as recycled mouse pads, laptop sleeves, phone cases, or wheat fiber foldable phone stand that are both stylish and sustainable. These gifts demonstrate your company's commitment to using recycled materials and reducing e-waste.


Recycled Hoodie & Jogger Sweatpants 

Not only a sustainable gift, but a stylish and comfortable one as well. Create branded swag and new matching uniforms that are good for the environment and better for your brand. Employees will be fashionable while at work and free advertisement while wearing your branded apparel while out on days off or traveling.


Sustainable Bamboo Speakers & Wireless Bamboo Earbuds

Custom branded bamboo speakers not only offer a unique audio experience but also showcase your brand's eco-consciousness. Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource that makes for durable and stylish speaker casings. Spread holiday cheer with the gift of music while promoting sustainability.


Recycled Wooden Sunglasses

Choose custom branded sunglasses in trending styles to elevate your gifting options. Using recycled materials not only reduces the demand for new raw materials but also offers a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional sunglasses. Pantone match these glasses with your exact company colors and add your logo to reinforce your commitment to your brand and a greener future.


As the holiday season approaches, clean energy companies have the opportunity to reinforce their commitment to sustainability and spread goodwill through branded eco-friendly Christmas gifts. 


The 10 last-minute gift options mentioned in this blog offer practical, thoughtful, and sustainable choices that not only express gratitude but also inspire others to adopt environmentally conscious practices.

As mentioned, next day shipping is also available upon request. Please visit us at ecomarketingsolutions.com to shop all our customizable eco-friendly products, or click here to start your order today!

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