Eco Marketing Solutions takes an environmentally and socially conscious approach to promotional products. Our carefully selected product line includes either organic, biodegradable, recycled or reusable materials in an effort to reduce landfill waste and to help save our environment


In 2008, after starting and running one of the promotional products leading suppliers of eco-friendly promotional products for over fifteen years (and the only one dedicated 100% to green-friendly products), Robert Piller created Eco Marketing Solutions.  A few short years later, Eco Marketing Solutions joined forces with his family's rapidly growing business to create synergy, where he took his experience in the green marketing sector to help businesses and non-profit organizations better promote their green marketing initiatives and goals.

The emphasis of Eco Marketing Solutions is on promotional products which are made from recycled materials, organic and natural materials, solar powered or that are gift items which are energy saving and/or reusable—thus avoiding them ending up in landfills as waste.

Eco Marketing has a strong emphasis on social compliance and a strict code of conduct for itself and for its suppliers--all of which have been carefully vetted.

Eco Marketing Solutions is one of the largest providers of custom printed eco-friendly promotional items --such as recycled sports bottles, imprinted tote bags, recycled journal books, recycled promotional pencils and pens -- and other branded marketing materials.

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